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Client Stories

These are stories of clients that we have been able to assist throughout our many years of service here at our practice. 



Shortly after the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan I was contacted by a family in California. In this family, there was a woman; a U.S. citizen who had been granted a Special Immigrant Visa and was now given permanent legal status. Her parents were in Kabul, along with her three sisters. We worked tirelessly to get the family on a plane out of Kabul. After several attempts we were able to get them evacuated and they were flown to Albania where they remained until December, 2022. Recently, I am happy to report, her parents have arrived in the United States and have been granted Lawful Permanent Resident status. However, we are still trying to get a grant of Humanitarian Parole for the three sisters who remain in Albania.

We are overjoyed that the parents have arrived and are safe. But we are still concerned about the fate of the three sisters who remain behind. We are working on getting them to the U.S. as soon as possible.

Judith Wood

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